Rooted within one of the top public engineering schools in Texas, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has robust undergraduate offerings and a dynamic internship program that connects over 1200 undergraduate students a year to earn experience in their field of study. Open access research labs, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and hands-on experience set our undergraduate students up for success as professionals and ethical leaders.

Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering Program enables students to acquire a solid foundation in the broad areas of electrical engineering and emphasizes advanced study in digital systems, telecommunications and microelectronics. The program focuses specifically in the areas of  electrical networks, electronics, electromagnetics, computers, digital systems and communications.

Computer Engineering

The Computer Engineering Program concerns the design, construction, implementation and maintenance of software and hardware components of modern computing systems and computer-controlled equipment. A combination of computer science and electrical engineering, computer engineering prepares students for careers that deal with computer systems from design through implementation.

Telecommunications Engineering

The Telecommunications Engineering Program prepares graduate students for professional practice in the design, programming, theory, and applications of telecommunications networks. Courses are offered that lead to the MS and a PhD degree in Telecommunications Engineering. The TE program prepares both academically oriented students as well as those focused on their professional career and roles within industry and/or government occupations.



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