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Fri., Feb. 18, 2011, 11 a.m. Conference Center
(CN 1.102)











 EE seminar series

“Power Line Communications:
Embedded-Software-Based Solutions Will Drive the Market”

Don Shaver, Texas Instruments

Over the past several years, governments around the world have recognized the importance of reliable power grids, the need to conserve energy and the need for clean energy. As seen by rolling blackouts and brownouts around the world, utility capacity in certain locations is inadequate to meet peak demand. Utility customers would also like the ability to monitor and more effectively manage their energy use. And electric vehicles will put even higher demands on utilities. Communications is a basic underlying technology necessary to facilitate the management of these complex scenarios. Communicating information from the electric vehicle, as well as the electric meter, to the utility during the battery-charging process is necessary to manage energy usage during peak times; plus vehicle owners will be given favorable KWH pricing as long as the vehicle can authenticate itself over the network. This talk will focus on international technology initiatives in power line communications relative to the smart grid and the standardization efforts in progress, including IEEE P1901.2 and ITU-T G.hnem/G.9955.

Don Shaver has been with Texas Instruments for 34 years and has held leadership positions in both advanced product development and R&D. For the past 23 years, he has established and managed leading-edge technology development in TI R&D organizations, resulting in new business initiatives in video compression products, communications and medical devices. He is a Texas Instruments fellow and is director of TI’s Communications and Medical Systems Laboratory, which contributes to international standards and develops signal-processing algorithms, network protocols and systems-on-a-chip technology for wireless and wireline communications. Current laboratory focus areas include power line communications and RF mesh networking both for smart grid, smart metering applications. Don holds BSEE, MS and PhD degrees from Syracuse University. He is vice chair of the IEEE Computer Society Dallas Chapter, he is a senior IEEE member, and he has been an active IEEE member for more than 40 years.