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 graduate overview

The master’s degree program provides intensive preparation for professional practice in a broad spectrum of high-technology areas of electrical engineering. It is designed to serve the needs of engineers who wish to continue their education. Courses are offered at times and locations convenient for students who are employed full-time at area companies.

The doctoral program in electrical engineering prepares individuals to perform original, leading-edge research in the broad areas of communications and signal processing; mixed-signal IC design; digital systems; power electronics; microelectronics and nanoelectronics; optics; optoelectronics; light-wave devices and systems; RF and microwave systems; VLSI design; power electronics; renewable energy; vehicular technology, control theory, robotics and wireless communications. Because of our strong collaborative programs with Dallas-area high-technology companies, special emphasis is placed on preparation for research and development positions in these high-technology industries.

Interdisciplinary graduate degrees are offered in both telecommunications engineering and computer engineering.