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 Phd ACademic Program

Academics - Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering

Each program for doctoral study is individually tailored to the student's background and research objectives by the student's supervisory committee. The program will require a minimum of 75 semester credit hours beyond the baccalaureate degree. These credits must include at least 30 semester hours of graduate level courses beyond the baccalaureate level in the major concentration. All PhD students must demonstrate competence in the Master's level core courses in their research area. All students must have an academic advisor and an approved plan of study.

Also required are:

  • The qualifying examination (QE) consists of two parts: background knowledge part (QE Part 1) and research capability part (QE Part 2.) Passing of the QE requires passing both parts in any order within three long semesters starting from the first semester of admission into the UTD EE/CE/TE PhD program for students with a MS degree and within four long semesters for students with a BS degree. Details can be found in the Doctoral Qualifying Examination Policy. A student has at most two attempts at this qualifying exam. The exam will be given during the fall and spring semesters.
  • A comprehensive exam consisting of: a written dissertation proposal, a public seminar, and a private oral examination conducted by the Ph.D. candidate's supervising committee. At least half of the supervising committee must comprise of core EE faculty members and it must be chaired or co-chaired by an EE faculty member.
  • Completion of a major research project culminating in a dissertation demonstrating an original contribution to scientific knowledge and engineering practice. The dissertation will be defended publicly. The rules for this defense are specified by the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies. Neither a foreign language nor a minor is required for the Ph.D. However, the student's supervisory committee may impose these or other requirements that it feels are necessary and appropriate to the student's degree program.

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