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The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department provides both Undergraduate and Graduate students a solid foundation in their area of study. Whether your focus is Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Telecommunications Engineering you’ll find your way here.

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Undergraduate students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering have the option to pursue their Bachelor of Science in both Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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ECE provides state-of-the-art facilities for research in Electrical and Computer Engineering

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The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department provides extensive facilities for research in a broad area of studies.

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ECE faculty members engage in extensive research programs and highly encourage students to join with them in our many programs and cross-disciplinary areas.


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Electrical Engineer Shining New Light on Moving Data on Microchips

Dr. Qing Gu, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, calibrates equipment that helps characterize the emission wavelength of a laser and how much power the light emits.

Laura Mueller

Class of '12


1. What did you study within the department of ECE?

I studied Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Biomedical Applications.


2. What was the most valuable thing you gained from obtaining your degree from the ECE department at UTD?

Without a doubt, theoretical knowledge paired with laboratory and research opportunities. This combination laid a solid foundation for hands-on industry experience and influenced my approach to working with others and solving challenging problems with unclear answers.


3. Where do you currently work, what are your responsibilities, and how do you believe the Department of ECE and your specific area of study prepared you?

I’m building my career at Texas Instruments, currently serving in Technical Sales as an Aerospace and Defense Account Manager. My responsibility is to listen, understand and respond to customers’ semiconductor needs. UT Dallas provided the technical foundation to acknowledge common challenges that subject matter experts face on a daily basis. Thanks to my UT Dallas background, I have a firm grasp on how certain semiconductor specifications impact our customers designs, and respond by guiding our customers to leading edge products that address their challenges.


4. Are you proud to be an alumni of the ECE Department?

Absolutely! Making an impact requires diversity of thought and skillsets. UT Dallas has both. The people at UT Dallas did and continue to impact how to approach challenging problems.


5. What advice would you give to current students looking to go down a similar path?

  • Convey genuine interest and always remain curious.
  • Always remember there are many ways to address challenges.
  • Never let adversity stand in the way of your accomplishments.


6. What is one valuable thing you’ve learned that has stuck with you since your time at UTD?

Logic and a friendly, personable demeanor are not mutually exclusive. A genuine smile, willingness to work with others and respect for others points of view will take you far.