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The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department provides both Undergraduate and Graduate students a solid foundation in their area of study. Whether your focus is Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Telecommunications Engineering you’ll find your way here.

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering have the option to pursue their Bachelor of Science in both Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering

$ 15 M

Research Funding

$ 106 K

median post-graduate starting salary




Students in ECE

ECE provides state-of-the-art facilities for research in Electrical and Computer Engineering

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The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department provides extensive facilities for research in a broad area of studies.

Research Opportunities

ECE faculty members engage in extensive research programs and highly encourage students to join with them in our many programs and cross-disciplinary areas.


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Nourani Brings Specialized Skills to New Role as Associate Provost

Nourani Brings Specialized Skills to New Role as Associate Provost

Nicole Skarke

Class of '10


What did you study within the department of ECE?

Electrical Engineering


What was the most valuable thing you gained from obtaining your degree from the ECE department at UTD?

I gained an introduction to IEEE which has become and ever-growing network for me over the years following graduation and it also has helped me to improve on valuable business and life skills in addition to my course curriculum. Also, I had two different internships through the Industrial Practice Program that ultimately led me to my career in a field I would have otherwise not journeyed into.


Why do you think it’s important that alumni stay connected?

I think it is important to help foster the future of the engineering profession. Everyone wins when students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills to be successful, well rounded problem solvers.


Why have you chosen to remain involved with ECE and serving as an officer in the alumni chapter?

So much of what I have is because of my time in the ECE department. I know people from all over the world in IEEE because I jumped in and got really involved as a freshman. I felt empowered as a student and was able to translate skills I learned to my professional life and it really helped me to excel. I want to pay it forward and make sure that incredible culture of the ECE department continues on for future generations. (An aside: I even met my husband in the ECE department…)


What advice would you give to current students obtaining the same degree?

Take the time to take advantage of all the resources at your disposal: Start building your network through one of the student organizations. Get an internship; go for it even if it is in an area of engineering that is new to you. Don’t just memorize equations; learn how to learn. Ask questions, because it is better to ask what seems silly than be lost and let yourself and potentially your teammates down.