Escape ECE at UTD

Friday, September 21st, 37 engineering students participated in ECE’s first ever campus-wide escape game, Escape ECE @ UTD! The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering hosted this free event for students to connect. The event also provided the alumni a chance to engage and encourage current students.

The game kicked off with Johnathan Spagno from 1 Hour 2 Escape who orchestrated Escape ECE @ UTD along with help from some of our favorite alumni, Laura Mueller, Matt Guibord, Nicole Skarke, and Oren Eliezer, (not pictured.). Students were placed into teams of 4-5 and handed a locked backpack with contents and clues inside that would help them ultimately “Graduate” with a Bachelors in Escaping degree. Clues were embedded in games that involved UTD’s history, solving various engineering problems, and working together to get to “graduation”.

Not even the rain could stop students from sprinting across campus, backpack and clues in hand, eager to solve the next problem! Students raced through the Sky Bridges to find various alumni with their next clue waiting.

The game ended with one team victorious and all teams participating in a “graduation ceremony” and receiving pizza served by Dr. Overzet in his full graduation regalia. It’s safe to say Escape ECE @ UTD just may become tradition!