Why a Senior Design Showcase?

ECE students learn an amazing amount. They become proficient in cutting edge technology and can work on solving the broadest set of problems facing people today as well as the most interesting kinds of problems in the world today. Bottom line: ECEs make the world a better place! The leaders of ECE departments across the SW region have noticed that the excitement underlying the ECE discipline has inexplicably waned; but are convinced that it will rise again if the stunning array of capabilities in ECE graduates is highlighted for all to see. Thus, showcasing the wide range of design problems that ECE students tackled in the course of their senior projects is what happens at the ExCEllence in Senior Design Showcase.

Of course, everyone can agree that an opportunity to participate in a national competition and bring prestige to your University through your accomplishments is a great collegiate experience! ECE students would love to do this too, but, such a national contest did not exist for them. The ExCEllence in Senior Design Showcase is the answer for the SW region. The first showcase took place in May 2019 with 13 universities taking part from TX, NM and AZ. The team from UT El Paso was awarded the inaugural “Best Engineering Design” award. (See the Past Events tab.) Major Corporations supported student participation and judged their submissions. This year, even more schools are planning to send a team and even more people (from corporate engineers to parents and siblings) will see the amazing projects accomplished at those schools. The word is getting out: ECE is the place to be.

The Goals for the Senior Design Showcase

  1. To provide an opportunity for ECE students in the southwest region to showcase their design and problem-solving skills in a friendly competition. Toward that end, college teams of approximately four (4) students design and build a prototype solution to an electrical and computer engineering problem they selected. Student teams will be judged on their design accomplishments and presentation skills. Awards will be presented to recognize achievement in a variety of categories.
  2. To connect faculty members at participating schools in meaningful fashions. For example, an in-depth discussion of best practices occurred at the inaugural showcase. In addition, some of the participating schools are now working together on senior design to make it simulate the corporate world even more. We all want to get even better and working together can make it possible.
  3. To benefit the SW region by connecting top companies with the talented and energetic students of SW region universities and their faculty mentors.

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