ECSN 3.208
Mailstop: EC33

Mahadevan (Devan) Iyer


Ph.D: Loughborough University of Technology, Leicestershire, UK 1994 Master of Technology: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, 1984


In 2019, Dr. Iyer brings to UTD his three decades of demonstrated leadership in research and development, teaching, raising research funds and guiding students. Dr. Iyer has driven vision, planning and execution of research and development strategies and projects leading to new technologies and products. He leads forefront research in an interdisciplinary area of advanced mixed signal system miniaturization/packaging/interconnect and integration technologies for high frequency, high voltage, high power density applications for devices and systems meant for commercial, industrial, automotive, biomedical and aerospace sectors. Dr. Iyer has worked in leadership roles for Infineon technologies and over the past ten years as one of the Vice Presidents of Technology development at Texas Instruments. He was a Faculty and Research Director at Georgia Tech, Atlanta and at the Institute of Microelectronics/National University of Singapore during the period of 1997-2007.

Research Interests

Devices, Systems (Computing, Power, Communication) integration and miniaturization