ECSN 4.904

Jae Mo Park

Assistant Professor, ECE


Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, 2012


Dr. Park received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering. His doctoral work at Stanford University was focused on technical developments of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) with application to preclinical brain tumor metabolism. Following completion of his Ph.D. in 2012, he broadened his research into advanced biomedical imaging as a postdoctoral research fellow and a research associate in the Department of Radiology at Stanford School of Medicine. Dr. Park has been an Assistant Professor in the Advanced Imaging Research Center at UT Southwestern since he moved to Texas in 2016. He joined the Electrical and Computer Engineering at UT Dallas in 2017. In UT, his research is focused on the development of novel noninvasive molecular imaging tools to elucidate in vivo metabolism and function of normal and pathological states, particularly in brain.