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Matthew Goeckner

Professor, ECE


BS, Mathematics - Southern Illinois University, 1982 BS, Physics - Southern Illinois University, 1983 MS, Physics - UCLA, 1984 Ph.D., Physics - University of Iowa, 1990 LIF Measurements and Modeling of Magnetron and Filament Discharges Under the direction of Professor John Goree Postdoc, ERC for Plasma Aided Manufacturing - U Wisconsin, 1991-1994


Professor Goeckner runs the International Center for Advanced Materials Processing at the University of Texas at Dallas. The center works closely with CAPST/FERI at Sungkyunkwan University (Korea) and PLANT at Nagoya University (Japan) to develop the next generation of materials processing tools. We also work with local and national industry on projects related to control of processing tools. The areas of study include processing for semiconductors, biomedical devices, flexible electronics. Other research includes Diagnostics for processing tools and Engineering Education. (Research Philosophy)