Qing Gu

Texas Instruments Early Career Fellow in Electrical and Computer Engineering


Ph.D. University of California, San Diego, Electrical Engineering, 2014 B.S. University of British Columbia, Canada, Electrical Engineering, 2008


Dr. Qing Gu is an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UT Dallas since 2016, directing research in the Nanophotonics Lab (www.utdallas.edu/nanophoton/). Her research is centered around the experimental realization of active nanophotonic devices such as micro- and nano- lasers, nanoLEDs, and gain-assisted metamaterials, novel optical cavity configuration, and integrated photonic circuits. She is the author of book ‚ÄúSemiconductor Nanolasers‚ÄĚ by Cambridge University Press, published in 2017.

Research Interests



ARO Young Investigator Award (2019)
NSF CAREER Award (2020)