About the Program

Our Electrical and Computer Engineering senior design program is called UTDesign®.

A senior design project team is typically comprised of 4 to 6 students, a faculty advisor, and a company technical mentor. This team creates a project specification, ideate potential solutions, research and develop a preliminary design, mature the design, build a proof of concept to the design, and test the “product” to verify initial specifications and make recommendations for future designs.

Corporate sponsors provide the idea, sponsorship fee, and meet with the team on a weekly basis to review the previous week’s work, determine and mitigate barriers, and coach the students to success.

$ 106 K

median post-graduate starting salary

24/ 7

Access to the 40,000 SF UTDesign Studio

# 1

Top Universities in the World Founded Less Than 50 Years Ago, Times Higher Education


Electrical and Computer Engineering seniors participate in a senior design project that tests their skills while preparing them for the working world.


The corporate sponsor owns 100% of the project results, gets great visibility with other companies and students, and evaluates students as potential employees.

Industry Sponsors


“My favorite thing about senior design was the time I spent brainstorming technological ideas that pertained to my specific project and seeing our prototype to fruition with my friends and the support of our professors!”

Former Student, Alex Moreno

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