ECSN 3.312
Mailstop: EC33

Diana Cogan


PhD in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Dallas, 2016 Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M, 1983 BS Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M, 1981


Diana spent three years at E-Systems, Garland following her graduation from Texas A&M. She spent the next 24 years rearing and home schooling her four children (all of whom are now UT Dallas alumni). Through home schooling, she discovered a love of teaching and so came to UT Dallas to earn her PhD and pursue her passion.

Research Interests

As a PhD student, Diana discovered a love for research as well as teaching. For her dissertation, she studied non-EEG physiological responses to epileptic seizures and found the possibility of using a wristworn device to detect and report seizures.