ECSN 4.510
Mailstop: EC33

Benjamin Schaefer


MBA, McGill University, Canada (2012) PhD, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Birmingham, UK (2003)


I am an assistant professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UT Dallas. I lead the team at the Design Automation and Reconfigurable Computing Laboratory (DARClab), where we work on systems, high-level design and programming methodologies for VLSI computing systems and in particular FPGAs. In detail, I am interested in design methodologies for VLSI and embedded systems, to optimze application-specific processes. My work deals with modeling, analysis, synthesis, optimization and implementation of VLSI systems. and tools for automating the design process. The area offers an interesting blend of theory and practice: real-world applications give rise to research problems, for which solutions are developed using a combination of analytical and experimental techniques.

Research Interests